Monday, July 9, 2007

The New Standard for Renewable Energy

I stopped at the brow of a hill in my car,where I could see the freeway right at eye level. The road I was on continues down the hill and through an underpass. I probably stop there every day or so without thinking about it. if anything I look past the freeway at the Columbia River and the mountains on the skyline.

An enormous white blade like a huge feather or a gigantic whale bone went by on the freeway. It was strapped on to the back of trailer rig taking up the whole trailer. So much natural grace went by, it took my breath away. It must of been the blade for a wind turbine heading out to the Columbia Gorge. It looked like it wanted the air; it looked like it grew into its form rather than being engineered. It was, at one fast glance, some organic thing that needed to be strapped down so it wouldn't fly away.

Perhaps that is how we should judge the new renewable energy sources we need to reduce carbon emissions. Does it look like it belongs in the natural world? Does it make your heart stop with it's beauty? Yes? Then it is both useful and beautiful. What more can we want in this world.


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