Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lady Bird

She has been out of the public eye so long its a rediscovery to hear her name. In the paper I see a clear-eyed woman of evident sense. She's an attractive brunette who looks engaged with life. My, who knew that Lady Bird Johnson was a beauty.

I was young in the sixties and didn't bother being fair to a president who could send my brothers to fight in Vietnam. My disdain extended to his family. Add on to that, Lady Bird followed Jackie Kennedy who was in some other category of cool. What an act to follow. The picture of Lyndon Johnson being sworn in says it all. They are on the plane back to Washington. Jackie is standing next to Lyndon in the place that Lady Bird should be. Lady Bird stands to one side, an onlooker, giving first place to the shocked and suffering widow.

We made fun of her. We made fun of all the Bird girls also, as if their Texas background was the most ludicrous thing on earth. Lady Bird wasn't as young, thin or photogenic as Jackie was, end of story. I realize I do the same thing to Laura Bush and to those little Bush girls. I think I need to knock it off. They don't deserve it.

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