Sunday, August 5, 2007

Credo Service

If you're a UU and reading this, you probably know what a Credo Service is. If not, a credo service is built around several UU's standing up in church and telling the congregation what they believe.

It must be a uniquely UU style of service. I can't imagine any other faith where we all sit and avidly listen not at all sure what we are going to hear. It could be anything really.

We hadn't had a credo service at Eastrose in quite a while. I had forgotten how powerful they can be.

We had four strong speakers this time. What strikes me is how much there is that is common in all our stories. For most UU's there is usually a background of questioning the beliefs they grew up with (except for those unusual people who grew up as UU's). The questioning persists until the person no longer feels authentic and makes a change. The beliefs expressed in a credo service are rarely surprising. We all seem to need the freedom to question, we have a comfort with knowing that we will never really know about the existence of God. Somehow we all come to a belief that this world is important and how we live in it matters. Not because of God, but just because.

Interesting how we still want a religious community and don't just stay home or go for long walks. I bet a lot of people never do find a community. Perhaps they don't need one. I do.


samndebora said...

I like your "about me" profile. Very Lemony Snicketesque: "Don't read this! You really don't want to read this!" Except 'Snicket' promises dire depressing happenings--you promise boredom?

Inner musings may be quiet, but not boring to me.

I like your writing voice, Katie.

ellen said...

Yes, I want to learn about a Unitarian Universalist baby boomer with an interest in the Enneagram who lives in the Portland Metro area and is active in local school politics!
Thanks for sharing. I just found out I'm a 5. Now I'm about to find out what that means.

Lynne Pfeiffer said...

Katie, you sell yourself short in your profile!

Lynne Pfeiffer said...

Wow-- thanks. I couldn't make the service, but this sums it up for me. A link to the website will go up right now.