Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Identity Crisis

It was not a good portent for my first blog that setting it up got me stalled for a night and a day.

I was stymied by the blank space I needed to fill with my blogging name! Identity for this blogger is always an issue. What should I call myself? Should I go with something cute, regional, religious or perhaps all three? I intend this to be a Unitarian Universalist blog and so considered many options that included the characteristic UU initials. They are lovely pillars that when pronounced point our attention away from ourselves - you and you. However, they can also look strident, standing there as if they are blocking something off.

I couldn't decide on a name, and had to sleep on it. I woke thinking of E.M. Forester's admonition, "Only Connect". And so here I am OnlyConnect. It will remind me, when I write that that is my intention in doing the blog. Connecting with others is at least one of my intentions, the other are self expression, keeping myself writing and giving myself a ready forum for ideas and feelings.


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